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Unlock the Power of FLIP with a secure, transparent and hassle-free non-custodial Liquid Staking Service for Chainflip

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Infrastructure You Can Depend On

End to end monitoring

Real-time monitoring is crucial for a robust and performant staking service, our systems provide in-depth, real-time information about every component of the infrastructure, to ensure top-notch Chainflip validator performance.

Automatic Validator Management

Our systems manage the validators fully programmatically. This ensures efficiency and redundancy since FLIP is automatically staked and there are no manual operations.

Validator backups

We ensure minimal downtime from unlikely hardware failures, software errors, or other unexpected events by having validator backups in various regions and datacenters. This helps to maintain network security and avoid slashing.

Security is Our Priority

Full Transparency

We share all information regarding our operations, so you can have peace of mind.

Smart Contract Audit

Our smart contracts are kept as secure as possible with regular audits by leading third-party experts.

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Always Backed 1:1

Every stFLIP issued is always backed one-to-one with native FLIP. Check the analytics page for full transparency.

Powerful Features

Automated Protocol Rewards

Protocol rewards are distributed daily via rebase. In order to earn protocol rewards, all you have to do is hold stFLIP!

Liquidity Aggregation

The interface automatically aggregates stFLIP liquidity across DEXs to ensure that you receive the most stFLIP possible when staking your precious FLIP.

Instant Unstake

Users can sometimes instantly redeem their stFLIP for FLIP. Otherwise users can sell their stFLIP on a third-party DEX instantly for a small discount, or submit an unstake request and wait 1-14 days.

Transparent Pricing

Rewards commission
Users receive all protocol rewards the validators receive from the Chainflip network, minus the rewards commission.

Easy to Get Started

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Stake FLIP

Stake any amount of FLIP to receive an equal amount of stFLIP, plus a possible bonus.

Receive stFLIP

Earn rewards daily, just by holding stFLIP. stFLIP is always backed 1:1 by native FLIP

Earn Rewards

Automatically earn protocol rewards by holding stFLIP. LP to earn swapping fees.




We’ve been Thunderifying since ‘21. We build out infrastructure and open source public goods for nascent blockchain ecosystems. We love Chainflip!

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